100ft Magic Hose Pipe


100ft Magic Hose Pipe

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Key features:

  • Material: A.B.S (4.5 per cent), Polyester (61 per cent), Natural Latex (34.5 per cent).
  • Features: Made from an ultra-durable dual layer construction and universal fittings compatible with all standard taps and hose attachments. Length of hose expands to 22m.
  • Length of hose: 8.4m
  • Dimensions: (H)21.4, (W)21.7, (D)11cm
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all standard taps and hose attachments. Not for use with powered jet wash.


Hose pipe with its new and improved construction is the world’s first super strong, durable, ultra-lightweight expandable hose and now includes a Free Tap Adapter. Turn the water on and it expands up to three times its length. After, switch off the water and it will contract back. It never kinks or twists and can be stored easily.

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions11 × 21.7 × 21.4 cm



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